Sometimes Attitude is the ONLY thing You can Control!

So it has been forever since I actually wrote on my blog.  I decided to start somewhat fresh and just pulled in a few posts from some previous blogs I had written.  For any of you who know me personally, on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you know that I have had some crazy health issues lately.  I won’t go into too much detail about them right now, but suffice it to say I was basically in bed for over two months and not able to work for 3.  Things have improved some but the biggest thing this has brought about is a change in perspective for me in my life.

I was forced into the realization recently that I didn’t have a lot of control in my life right now.  I was able to spend a lot of time thinking (yes it hurt), and reflecting on my life and the people around me.  It took me 3 months but finally one day I decided I needed a knew motto for my life:

One thing you can Control is Your Attitude So Make it A Good One! Continue reading