Rant from the Past: AKA Having to be in the office


So a few years ago I was part of the lucky group (40%) laid off from AdBrite as part of the infamous Sequoia backed company layoffs of ’08 (this deck lead to them).  I was just playing with the Facebook Timeline and came across a “note” I had posted in regards to a status I had made right after the layoffs.  I still think in many ways this is true…. I would change some of the verbiage today if I was writing it, but feel like much of the oxymoron remains. So unedited and unabridged is this rant from the past brought to you courtesy of the new Facebook Timeline feature: Continue reading


Site Exclusion with adCenter: Bing & Yahoo Search Partner Sites

Can you block search partner sites of  Bing & Yahoo in adCenter?

Questions about the Syndicated or Search Partner network for Bing and Yahoo has come up multiple times in just the last couple of days in my #PPCchat twitter stream.

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Connecting the Dots of SEO SEM and Google+ with Adwords Social Extensions

Google+, Google Plus, Google +1, Facebook for Google, or whatever you want to call it, is all the Buzz (wait didn’t Google kill that?) lately.  I have seen a lot of articles about the implications for SEO, Paid Search, Facebook, Twitter etc. I have read most of them and it seem with the latest round of articles talking about Google+ Brand Pages and Adwords Social Extensions but they seemed to have missed a couple of things which could be big game changers. Continue reading

Mobile Paid Search Share Continues to Climb and Remain a Bargain!

This was shared as “big news” but to me this really isn’t that shocking that Mobile Search Share continues to rise. We have more smart phones in the hands of consumers than ever and more and more of those are using their phones to search while out and about.  Especially as the share of Android phones continues to rise, is it any surprise search would as well?

Mobile-Impression-Share Growth  Continue reading

Sometimes Attitude is the ONLY thing You can Control!

So it has been forever since I actually wrote on my blog.  I decided to start somewhat fresh and just pulled in a few posts from some previous blogs I had written.  For any of you who know me personally, on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you know that I have had some crazy health issues lately.  I won’t go into too much detail about them right now, but suffice it to say I was basically in bed for over two months and not able to work for 3.  Things have improved some but the biggest thing this has brought about is a change in perspective for me in my life.

I was forced into the realization recently that I didn’t have a lot of control in my life right now.  I was able to spend a lot of time thinking (yes it hurt), and reflecting on my life and the people around me.  It took me 3 months but finally one day I decided I needed a knew motto for my life:

One thing you can Control is Your Attitude So Make it A Good One! Continue reading