First thing anyone should know about me is I speak my mind.  That being said I really hate writing about me sections but if I had to I would probably start from what I consider most important to least.

Family is most important to me, I am a husband, father, & friend.  I do believe there is more to life than money (but it sure helps to get through it)! I love technology and always have. I learned that most things in life like computers if you make a mistake can be fixed especially with an apology.  I love marketing, everything from the psychology of it to the analytics, and tactics used in SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc.  I have been in internet marketing for over 6 years now and love it!  It melds well with both my ADHD and my OCD tendencies 😉

I can also be a little sarcastic, love quotes and parentheses (& I am sorry if you don’t, that just means you are not as “cool” as me).  I will mostly be ranting and blogging about Search, Technology, Startups (I am working on one), and throwing in things about life here and there as well.

You can follow my #MicroRants & TweetMocks on Twitter @BryantGarvin.


What's Your Two Cents?

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