Hate That Media Has Made Women Believe They Need To Be Anorexic Skinny To Be Beautiful or They Are Fat

I really hate what the media and people have done to women and in particular one woman in my life.  I know I am a little partial to believing my wife is beautiful.  If I wasn’t I probably wouldn’t deserve her. But she is beautiful and is far from being FAT!!!


But she believes she is. Now there was a time she was bigger than she is now. But she has worked really hard  to change that. You can see it has paid off.  But because of the “models” on tv and in print And because she isn’t “perfect” she believes she is still fat.


I know I am not the first to post about how I think the media harms self image of amazing women. But this woman is amazing helps people change their lives every day and can’t see the changes she has made in her own life.

Am I just biased?


4 thoughts on “Hate That Media Has Made Women Believe They Need To Be Anorexic Skinny To Be Beautiful or They Are Fat

  1. No you are absolutely correct in what the media portrays. I can relate to exactly what you are saying my wife also things she is fat (I HATE that word) I am biased and think she is absolutely beautiful and has worked hard to get where she is. I wish women and girls would realize that most of the people they are idolizing are not perfect, they have faults too. Don’t forget airbrushing. God made all of us in thee image he has chosen for us. I wish females would wake up and realize be happy and healthy..

  2. I think that making your body work is a good thing – not to become a certain number (size, weight) but to feel good about it. The important thing is balance: it is a good thing to want to improve on yourself; it is a bad thing to obsess about it. Another big misconception is that size determines your self consciousness. Total bs. We are pretty self-conscious, regardless of size, and the media is not helping. But hey after all we are who we are, whether a size 2 or a size 20.

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