Krispy Kreme does Twitter Auto Replies, Mobile and Desktop Apps Right

The Paragon of “All That is Holy” to those who love Doughnuts…


Couch Surfers, Twitter addicts and Mobilizers Rejoice

The Krispy Kreme Hot Light is now available for all to see on your phone, your desktop, or even on Twitter!

Yes you heard right you can find out if fresh hot tasty scrumdiddlyumptious morsels that melt in your mouth are ready at a store near you… or across town if necessary.  With a click of your mouse, a flick of your finger or a quick tweet you too can know if your cravings can be satisfied and where exactly to go to accomplish this task.

Integrated Ad Agency Barkley developed the apps, desktop widget and the twitter integration.  If you want the apps you can go here but of all of the things they developed I think the Twitter integration and the use of a super-powerful auto-responder is amazing!  This is what social services like Twitter were made to create!  Check out the process below:

I found out about the Twitter integration by accident.  I posted a tweet about the apps and got an auto-respond:

I thought it could have been spam but still thought it to be cool none the less so I tried again the correct way!

How freaking cool is that?  If anyone else has seen any type of sophisticated Twitter auto-responders let me know.  This is the first of its kind I have seen an honestly I am pretty blown away.  What do you think?


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