Rant from the Past: AKA Having to be in the office

So a few years ago I was part of the lucky group (40%) laid off from AdBrite as part of the infamous Sequoia backed company layoffs of ’08 (this deck lead to them).  I was just playing with the Facebook Timeline and came across a “note” I had posted in regards to a status I had made right after the layoffs.  I still think in many ways this is true…. I would change some of the verbiage today if I was writing it, but feel like much of the oxymoron remains. So unedited and unabridged is this rant from the past brought to you courtesy of the new Facebook Timeline feature:

Don’t we usually email, call, IM and a myriad of other things to close business. Yes we travel to close business with people but even when we are all sitting in the same “office space” half the time we are emailing/IM’ing or facebooking our counterparts sitting 20 feet away. So remind me……. What is the big deal with being in the “office”?

Anyone who knows me knows I am one of the most knowledgeable people in this industry across a wide sphere of “roles”. You want relationships made, outside the box ideas, business closed, product suggestions, networks expanded, and only have to pay one person for all of it… you hire me. Don’t get me wrong, I would move if the opportunity was right and the pay compensated for the fact that any city people want me to move to with my 3 kids would represent a cost of living increase alone of say 40-50%! Not to mention the horrible affairs of public schools which I don’t worry about now. So if any of my friends have any ideas let me know. I LOVE this business and love the people, but sometimes I laugh because we are all at the “cutting edge”…. yet stuck in the past. Anyone else feel this way?

To all have a beautiful night and we will see ya next time this is “B” signing off…

So what do you think? Does any of these oxymorons still apply?  And please note that I am a tad bit more humble now than I was then, but maybe a little more sardonic/sarcastic.


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