Site Exclusion with adCenter: Bing & Yahoo Search Partner Sites

Can you block search partner sites of  Bing & Yahoo in adCenter?

Questions about the Syndicated or Search Partner network for Bing and Yahoo has come up multiple times in just the last couple of days in my #PPCchat twitter stream.

   I appreciate the unknowing letting me use their “public tweets” for my purposes :-).

As PPC/SEM practitioners I have noticed many people get stuck in an – if it’s not adwords, I don’t have time for it – mentality. Well by doing that we forget that not every search engine or advertising platform is a copy of Google, and sometimes that is a good thing!

AdCenter has had built in (at least since the combined marketplace) the ability to specifically exclude partner search sites. Don’t believe me? It’s right here on their adCenter blog.

“If you happen to notice specific sitesthat are not meeting your performance goals, you can use the website exclusion features to block your search and content ads from displaying on these sites. You can block up to 500 websites at the campaign and ad group levels…”(emphasis added)

Say what?  Yep that’s right you can block up to 500 domains from showing your content and (can we hear it again please?) search ads! When was the last time Google adwords let you block specific search partner sites from showing ads? Never!  Now that I said that I do have to add a disclaimer that most people do not know about.  If you are a managed account you can have your account team (on the back end) add up to 5 sites they can block from search partners.  Wow two big tricks in one blog post, what is wrong with me?

Also as another side that Bing & Yahoo has going for them which Google does not is they allow you to target just the search partners if you want.  Yep Pro tip for adCenter #3 you can target Bing & Yahoo + Network (default), just Bing & Yahoo, or just the Search Network! That means you can split out your cpc bids for just the network separate from the O&O (owned and operated) properties of Bing and Yahoo.  If that doesn’t help efficiencies I don’t know what will.

I know the combined marketplace is only 30% of the search market and we have better things to do (like ask about 2nd & 3rd tier PPC options), but maybe there is something there.  Maybe if we spent a little more time digging into what adCenter has to offer instead of ranting about how they aren’t like adwords we might decide there are some things we would rather Google changed to be more like them!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

edited: You can find which “search partners” are performing in the Publisher Performance Report right inside the adCenter UI –


Sample adCenter Publisher Performance Report Click for Details


3 thoughts on “Site Exclusion with adCenter: Bing & Yahoo Search Partner Sites

  1. Great post! I haven’t used this feature as much I would like.

    To clarify my tweet, unfortunately the clients did not have referrer data so we were unable to see which sites were sending the fraud leads. Ended up being better to just turn of Syndicated Partners entirely.

    • Thanks Luke. I am just getting back into the “blogging” thing.

      I know that tweets are limited in length so it is hard to explain everything. You are not the only person who has recently said something about the Bing/Yahoo Search Partner Network who is part of #PPCchat so I thought it would be beneficial to bring up again. Referral data is hard to get sometimes and not having it is a HUGE pain which makes our jobs that much harder. But one thing I forgot to mention in the post and which I have edited is adCenter provides you with much of the data.

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