Connecting the Dots of SEO SEM and Google+ with Adwords Social Extensions

Google+, Google Plus, Google +1, Facebook for Google, or whatever you want to call it, is all the Buzz (wait didn’t Google kill that?) lately.  I have seen a lot of articles about the implications for SEO, Paid Search, Facebook, Twitter etc. I have read most of them and it seem with the latest round of articles talking about Google+ Brand Pages and Adwords Social Extensions but they seemed to have missed a couple of things which could be big game changers.
At SMX Advanced in Seattle during the +1 Paid Search Session I asked Daniel Dulitz who was the Product Manager of Google +1 for Ads how we could aggregate all of the +1’s from ads, our sites, SEO/SERPS etc.  The short answer was they all had to be going to the same pages and then use rel=canonical tags.  Now for most SEM and SEO marketers this just isn’t going to fly. In order for most SEO pages to rank Organically they need to have content, content, content.  Where as SEM practitioners tend to focus on relevancy and conversion over content.  So you usually have two different pages.  This has sat in the back of my head for months twirling around trying to figure out how to solve it.

Then this last month Google announces official support for Google + Brand Pages. There is a ton of industry coverage about it.  There is a whole sessions devoted to it at the SMX Social Media Conference right in my own backyard as well as one for a strictly local event SMAZ. From what I saw in the twitter stream for SMX and what I got out of attending SMAZ most people felt like they had to be a part of Google+ from a marketing perspective even if they didn’t understand all of the benefits.

Well shortly after launching Social Extensions for Adwords there were a couple of write ups about it including a couple from PPC Hero on how to implement them and of course the end all authority of Google Adwords Help for Social Extensions as well as their blog post I linked to earlier.  But one piece which stood out to me nobody has really mentioned.  Google says it plainly in their blog post:

“Currently (and for campaigns that don’t have Social Extensions enabled) your AdWords ads only show +1’s from people who have +1’d that ad’s landing page. This limits the likelihood that someone who sees your ad will have a friend or contact who’s recommended it. By enabling Social Extensions on your ad campaigns you’re able to leverage all the +1’s your brand has received, whether it be on a search result, on your Google+ Page, your website or on your ads” (emphasis added)

Did you catch that? In case you missed it let’s get visual:


Get it now? It ads together your +1’s from your “ads”, “Google+ Brand Page” and your “website”. – click image to enlarge

Now there is something marketing organizations from SEO, to SEM/PPC and Social Media and even Display should be able to get behind (original source).  This is an opportunity for the first time truly to give Google what we have always wanted to give it… a strong consistent signal which it can use.  Now there are of course some catches to this. First being you must have a Google+ Brand page.  The second being you have to install the code they mention on your site to “link” your Google+ Brand page and your website pages to “aggregate” and match the +1’s they receive.  And this is the biggie you have to add Social Extensions to your Adwords campaigns to be able to tie all of these pieces together.

So a big round of applause should go to Google for giving us what we want and in the process:

  1. Having us tag sites (which previously may have been adverse to using some type of Google tag)
  2. Using us to promote its new Social Network (whatever you say Google, it is one) &

To all my friends at Google it looks like that do or die tie in to your bonuses to make social work really paid off this time….for Google & for those who figure it out and use this opportunity before the masses catch on.


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