Mobile Paid Search Share Continues to Climb and Remain a Bargain!

This was shared as “big news” but to me this really isn’t that shocking that Mobile Search Share continues to rise. We have more smart phones in the hands of consumers than ever and more and more of those are using their phones to search while out and about.  Especially as the share of Android phones continues to rise, is it any surprise search would as well?

Mobile-Impression-Share Growth 

It also isn’t surprising that the share coming from Paid Search on Mobile is going to skyrocket. More and more advertisers are starting to really get into the “mobile marketplace” which haven’t “invested in it previously.  Also as most practitioners of SEO and SEM/PPC have been able to see over this last year there is more and more emphasis put on paid ads in the SERPs which tends to increase their efficiency and the money going into El Goog’s pockets.

That being said Mobile is still one of the best values in Paid Search available because of the low adoption rate by many and the lack of emphasis in many companies to make this a priority when it come to competing.  So if you need to maximize your spend and conversions this holiday season, have a mobile optimized site – Google can help you do that too *wink wink* – spend some time creating and optimizing for the larger percentage of traffic that you could get from Mobile Paid Search at a relative better price point.

data originally via Performics Blog Mobile Paid Search.


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