Sometimes Attitude is the ONLY thing You can Control!

So it has been forever since I actually wrote on my blog.  I decided to start somewhat fresh and just pulled in a few posts from some previous blogs I had written.  For any of you who know me personally, on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you know that I have had some crazy health issues lately.  I won’t go into too much detail about them right now, but suffice it to say I was basically in bed for over two months and not able to work for 3.  Things have improved some but the biggest thing this has brought about is a change in perspective for me in my life.

I was forced into the realization recently that I didn’t have a lot of control in my life right now.  I was able to spend a lot of time thinking (yes it hurt), and reflecting on my life and the people around me.  It took me 3 months but finally one day I decided I needed a knew motto for my life:

One thing you can Control is Your Attitude So Make it A Good One!

I know… I know… it sounds cheesy like something Tony Robbins would say.  But there came a point where that really was the only thing I had control over.

This doesn’t have to just apply to if your life sucks. For those in the marketing industry some days I am sure you feel like I do that no matter what you do there is going to be – some algorithm change named after an engineer (Panda), some new ad product, tons of people typing in the keyword (not provided) – something which makes your life infinitely more complicated and takes away control of something just yesterday you could.

We all have a choice to make every minute, every hour and every day.  We can choose to focus on what we can’t do, can’t control, who to blame, or we can focus on starting with the one thing we have 100% Control Over our attitude.  Trust me you would be surprised what just making that one change in your life can do for you, and for those around you.

So what are you going to choose today?


9 thoughts on “Sometimes Attitude is the ONLY thing You can Control!

  1. Bryant,
    I’ve had times in my life where the entire world seemed to be collapsing in on me – and most specifically, at one point, I was unable to work for months due to my own health issues. So I can really appreciate the challenges you’ve faced.

    I can also however, appreciate the recognition of the opportunity we all have to change our attitude. It’s saved me many times and gotten me through every time. To me, it’s a blessing that we have that ability. And it’s great to hear you’re in that state of awareness!

    • Alan,
      Thank you for sharing your personal struggles and challenges with me. Aside from your experience and knowledge in the “industry”, your being so personable and seeing some of the personal challenges you have overcome makes it inspirational to me.

      I do agree it is a blessing we have that ability and is the biggest difference of what separates “man from beast”. There are definitely some days and even sometimes during the day when I forget that but I try to refocus and having people around you to remind you helps!

  2. Nice post, Bryant.

    “We can focus on starting with the one thing we have 100% Control Over our attitude”.

    Absolutely agree and to take it a step further – focus on what you can control in order to adapt. Not just your attitude, but anything else that moves the needle forward towards a goal/solution. Sometimes it’s a waste to dwell on things you can’t change, but to accept them and move on.

    Good luck with everything!


    • Mark, I appreciate the feedback!

      I totally agree that we need to focus on what we do have control over, on what levers, or actions we can take that will make a difference, instead of on what we can’t control. I had just come to a point in my life where, I had very little I could control and for someone who is used to “being in control” that proved very challenging! I finally had to focus on what I could control at the moment and that was my attitude, my perspective, my outlook. Once I did that it has made a dramatic change in my life in every aspect including the work I do, and even how I deal with the people in my life.

  3. Bryant, I can relate my friend…after recovering from a car wreck, I spent A LOT of time too thinking about the path I’d taken, what I wanted, needed and where I had to go in order to get there.

    Attitude makes a world of difference on your perspective with what’s happening in your world. It’s all about choices…we make our choices, but we can’t choose the consequences. Having our mind focused on being positive in the midst of the storm makes us stronger.

    I’ve got the tattoos and T-shirts to prove it. 😉 LOL

    It’s why I am always posting things about being positive, motivation and living that out in my life during my dark times as well. Attitude is HUGE!

    Keep on keepin’ on my friend.

  4. Bryant, I don’t want to respond too much out of my own auto biography other than to say, I understand. The title of your blog post hit a chord and serves as a good reminder to me that we have a choice – on how we think!

    I heard recently that it’s through dark times that we experience the most growth and are also able to shine the brightest. You are obviously growing, in ways you never wished. Through your transparency in sharing your struggles, you’re shining bright! There is blessing in the the midst of pain.

    I’m posting here as a response to your updates on Google+. Thanks for letting us know so we can pray for you. I have an will continue to do so.

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