Is extremely grateful we live in a land of freedom. Where people –who believed in integrity, honesty, hard work, and KNEW that there was a power greater than any here on earth– fought against oppressors, for the right to worship that Greater Power, according to their beliefs and disposition. Who set up a Constitution, and Bill of Rights, to provide the framework so those who believed and lived these same principles could improve upon them and this nation would be a haven for the weary, and oppressed. Where this freedom allowed for beliefs and knowledge, different from those present at the time they fought for freedom to be restored, and taught freely. So I could know now that families are Eternal. That all though I am sad, and feel downtrodden, and broken, that I can cling with the little faith I have in my heart that one day all will be made right, and me and my beautiful wife will be able to raise our child we were unable to in this life at a future day, when Christ reigns upon the earth and peace which no man (or woman) has known since we lived with our Father in Heaven is found upon the earth. When that happens, millions of people will lift up their voices and rejoice that there was a nation of freedom, and men of honor and values who fought for this nation to be established. Happy Independence Day!!!


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