A Tithe and Living below ones means.

Today I read an article on CNN Money located here. It talked about this family who has been saving and teaching their kids to save.

MOst of the comments on it were getting on them as how they defined Tithe as well as whether or not they should take out a HELOC when they have no debt what so ever. I love that they were getting on these people who are doing much better than most. Why do people have to nitpick whether he is paying a “FULL TITHE”. The definition of a thithe is paying 10% of one’s increase. Anciently it would have been 10% of the increase in one’s flocks or harvest. Today it is an increase in what one makes or receives.

First of all it isn’t saying exactly what he paid or his philosphy on it. The real point of this article is what people have been taught al along. Save a portion of your money. SPend less than you make. Most of us CAN do those things. We choose not to do that because we are not willing to lower our standard of living now in order to have a more secure higher standard of living down the road.

We live in the age of “On Demand”, Microwaves, ITunes, Text messages and Black Berries. We expect to get what we want now not later. I will be the first to admit that I am an Impatient person. But I also believe that I would trade some of the luxuries we have now and live a lower “standard”(will get to that in a second) of living in order to retire earlier and in more comfort. To know that I had more money in the bank and less on a credit card or loan. I think a lot of the stress that we deal with comes from not being secure. Knowing that we are never secure that if we lost our J.O.B(just over broke) we would not be able to subside for even a month for most people without racking up debt.

To be continued.


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