Blogging, Schmogging

So I don’t Blog…. I sit on a computer all day long for work anyways. You would think that someone involved in internet marketing would be….. well…. more involved in some of the basic things that keep the internet running. I love that blogs have taken over a world. If you have a sound enough opinion on any given subject, can piece together basic facts figures and link to other peoples sites all of a sudden you are an expert in the field.

I guess the thing that is interesting about blogging is the fact that for many people it is almost an open wide public journal of their life. NOt sure I want to share everything with everyone. Yeah yeah I know there are privacy options and such but what is the point of writing something if you don’t share it?

Anyways. Now I have another blog post one more and I will be on a roll!


One thought on “Blogging, Schmogging

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